Saturday, April 23, 2016

Okra and Strawberries and Remembering Farmer Mac

This spring we have a really nice crop of Farmer Mac's strawberries in his little patch behind the house.  Lots of really sweet, small berries.  Mom and Annette spent today making jam, 35 jars, I believe.

And no, before you ask, we still can't sell it.  The insurance company we were using canceled our policy because it wasn't worth the effort for them and we haven't found another one who will cover processed product.  So we can make jam and jelly and syrup but we can't sell it without a liability policy in place. :(

Marsha had a package of seeds in her freezer that she got from him on their last visit.  It wasn't labeled and she thought it was flowers.  But she planted them in her greenhouse with the Mother's Day flowers and it turned out to be okra!  So much for Mother's Day flowers for her preschool kids.

These make all of us happy and sad, remembering Farmer Mac.

He would be so happy with Reino's progress too.  Yesterday was Reino's last day of chemo treatments under this protocol.  We will move forward with a less intensive regimen over the next year unless scans or blood draws force us back into a higher intensity approach again.

But on to the blueberry situation.  We had freeze 2 weeks in a row and we do have freeze damage.  Between Reino's cancer treatments and the weather we will likely have a short season, either by necessity or design.

On-farm sales only and prepicked by request is probably how it will shake out.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers this past year.  With Reino's cancer diagnosis in August and Farmer Mac's passing in November we have had a tough year.  We appreciate your friendship and support and hope that you will continue to remember us as we move forward.



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