I believe education is the key to future success. This comes in many forms. I support the public school system but I also support parents’ rights to education their children as they see fit, whether this means public, private, charter, or home school options.

I also believe in higher education. It is important for our children and our workforce to have training to be able to perform jobs that are needed in our society. To this extent, I believe in trade skills and in college degrees that lead to work possibilities in trained professions.

In my mind, what you choose to do is not as important as important as choosing something and then doing a good job, being a productive citizen, supporting yourself and your family and providing a life that is more give than take. That being said, I think the profession should be legal, but this is just about the only caveat I have to that.

I also believe in education through work experiences.  This weekend at the farmers market, for instance, Wyatt was working on math facts, on learning how to make correct change for customers, how to interact in a positive and professional way and how to put work over play for a period of time.  I know that this year and last he learned at school about money and how to count it, but for my part, I don't believe there's a better way understand how to deal with money than to actually practice with it in a real life situation.  When we didn't have actual customers for him to work with on the easier transactions, Shawn was the stand in customer and he wanted lots of different combinations of product.  Wyatt's job was to figure out the total bill for the transaction and then figure out the correct change based on the amount of money he was given.  I can't tell you how much Wyatt's confidence in himself improved just from a couple of hours at the market.  We'll see what next week brings.