Work Ethic

I believe in the value of a good work ethic and in putting in an honest day's work for an honest day's pay.

I also believe in instilling this value in our children. We do this in many ways.

Leading by example.
Doing a good job.
Working hard.
Not just starting but also completing tasks.
Allowing our children to help as they are able and capable.

Recognizing the rewards of good work. This can come in many forms.
Monetary rewards.
Sense of satisfaction in a job well done.
Sharing that sense of accomplishment with others, including our children.
Watching the results of our efforts bear fruit and making this part of the process.

With a business such as what we have here at Farmer Mac's Berries, it's easier to model the way than it is with some other family or business situations. We allow our children to help plant our blueberries. They take care of the animals and collect eggs. They interact with customers, show people how to pick blueberries, talk and play with children so the parents can pick blueberries. They pick blueberries and give them to their teachers and other special people in their lives.

I consider this part of the sharing and caring component to our lives. It's not all about us and it's not all about money. In this way, they start to model the way we believe in this areas as well. The actual fruits, in this case blueberries, of their labors they are allowed to eat or give away as they see fit. They also want to know if they can have a blueberry stand of their own but we aren't there yet. :)

But we're getting a bit away from the work ethic topic, though not by much. Part of work ethic is doing things to better yourself, another component is doing things for the betterment of others. This last part goes into the betterment of others component.