Monday, January 18, 2016

Starting with a wet 2016 dormant season for blueberries

Wow, what a wet year we had in 2015!

We were diligently working to get rows made, planted, landscape fabric and mulch in place.  December started with incredibly good weather for this but we got bogged down in the much when the rains started in full force again.  This left us with the most rainfall on record for any year in history if you believe what my mom says.

This week, we also got the cold weather which I'm not complaining about because blueberries need cold hours in the winter to blossom out in the spring and make harvest in the summer.  Given the temperate days we've had this fall, I was worrying that we may not get enough chill hours for our plants.  This cold snap gives us hope that the winter will not be a bust in this way.

Thanks to all who have send their thoughts and prayers our way.  We appreciate each and every one of you and all of the love you have shown to us.  We hope to carry on the traditions that Farmer Mac instilled in this farm and in our farming family.  We appreciate your continued vote of confidence in us and in the products we grow for you and your family.

Happy 2016!  May we have a wonderful year together.

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