Friday, June 26, 2009

Thanks for a wonderful season!

Sorry I was out of town last week so I didn't get to create a post.

We are officially closed for the season. We appreciate your patronage and your friendship and hope that you are enjoying the blueberries you've stored away for the winter and that you'll be back next year.

And by officially closed, I mean that we're done with that phase between when we take the open sign down and when there are truly no berries left. Closed means there are no berries left in the field even for the diehards out there.

Our petition to reduce the speed limit on NC 210 is picking up steam now that the season is over. The county has it on its agenda for July and that's the first real step in the process of creating change. Thanks to everyone who supports this effort to keep us all safe as we travel into and around the Hampstead area.

I'll dig up more recipes soon and post them here.


  1. Our season is still in full swing. I am longing for my blackcurrants to ripen.

  2. Michaela Willetts-PerryThursday, June 17, 2010 7:18:00 AM

    To those at Farmer Macs,

    A heart felt thank you for your donation to the youth at Pike Rocky Point Presbyterian Church. We had a blast picking the blueberries and spending time with the Farmer Mac family. We all took something away, above the blueberries. We were successful with your help in cutting their cost. We now hope Saturday will be as successful as the Saturday spent with you. Come out to the festival, we will have bakesale tent and also a pancake breakfast behind the Presbyterian church across from the courthouse square. We look forward to seeing each of you.

    May God Keep You and Bless You,
    Pike Rocky Point Presbyterian Youth