Sunday, June 8, 2014

Yesterday a magnificent day to pick blueberries

The weather was warm but not blazing hot, could have had a more steady breeze, but hey, this wasn't a complaint.  We had a steady stream of customers all day long.

In fact, I was very excited that Mr. and Mrs. Byrnes stopped by.  They are consistently the earliest pickers we have here at Farmer Mac's, usually arriving about 6:30 so they can be out of the fields by 8 with nice buckets full of berries.  I'm not glad that Mrs. Byrnes is still in chemo but I am glad that Mrs. Byrnes is still with us.

Right after they left, Mr. Rolla Nelson showed up and stayed for most of the morning.  He is an absolute delight to talk to! First, he is 90 years old and doesn't look a day over 70.  He brought with him memorabilia from last year's achievement...wait for it....a hole in 1 at Pine Valley Country Club!  This was the first for the Senior Club there but his lifetime 5th hole in one.  Then we got on to other subjects, and I find out after years of knowing him that he started the physics department at UNCW back in 1961 when the university first opened.  What an amazing man and I'm glad we got the chance to know him better.

Donna Millikin made it into the 50 pounder club on Friday.  She came out with her husband, Tom who was a first time picker on Memorial Day weekend.  He picked a nice bucket of berries for a newbie!  She has been back several times, but at last count before Friday was at 49 pounds.  With Friday's haul, she hit 65 pounds for the season and landed in the 50 pounder club!

As far as the blueberries go, we are well into the end of our season.  The back field is nearly picked clean but there are a few blue in both ends of the field, so anyone hankering for a particular variety might find a bucket or a piece of a bucket out there.  The back side of the front field still has quite a few blue and green berries, but like all end of season berries, they are smaller (or just call them small) so they take more effort to fill a bucket.

I'm not trying to dissuade you from coming out, just trying to give you an honest picture of what you'll see when you get here so you won't be frustrated.  Other farms in the area do have later varieties so they will likely have more availability.

I can foresee that this may be our last week.  We'll have to see what the green berries in the front field and the weather do this week.

And just in case we don't see you this year (or again this year), thank you for your overwhelming support of our small farm.  With no more than this blog and the open sign on the highway, we have nearly picked every blueberry that we were able to grow this year!  We wish you luck and happiness until next season.


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