Thursday, June 5, 2014

Old friends, new recruits at Farmer Mac's

Yesterday we saw folks that have been blueberry pickers at Farmer Mac's since the first year we offered pick your own as a possibility.  Jane and John remember not only when my original house was a packing shed, they remember the one year that it didn't even exist!  They have been loyal customers every year, even the ones that we were not open.  Thanks, Jane!  We appreciate your loyalty and your support. No we don't have a loyal customer reward card, but we have something better that our customers appreciate. In the years when there aren't enough berries to be open, the loyal customers who don't mind walking a lot to pick a few of the best blueberries on earth get the bounty.

We also saw Kay and Mike who have been great customers for not quite so long, but still well over a decade. I always like seeing them because they are so entertaining with stories and conversation. They have been married for 26 years, but more amazing is that Kay's mom and dad have been married for 63 years!

We also saw Mallory and Tom. Mallory had carpel tunnel surgery and is getting her cast off today.  We hope for the very best outcome!

Every year we have brand new customers to Farmer Mac's and new customers who have never picked blueberries at all. Maali likes taking care of these customers by showing them how to tie their buckets on and then walking them out to a good spot in the field and showing them how to pick the best berries. We'd love to offer you your first blueberry picking experience right here at Farmer Mac's!

We are well into the middle of the season. One more good week and then we will have to see what it looks like from there. If you want blueberries at Farmer Mac's, you'll need to come soon. They'll be gone before you know it.

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