Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday and what a great day to pick blueberries!

The weather couldn't be more perfect today.  Yesterday's rain dropped the dust on Berry Patch Road, the blueberries are washed clean by natural rainfall, and the weather is much cooler now that the rains have past through this area.  Right now it's only 70 degrees and I don't expect it to get past the mid 80s today.  Come now!  It doesn't get better than this for being outside and for harvesting blueberries.

Blueberries Outlook:

There are still some Oneals in the right corner of the back field.  Joe was the only one out there yesterday and he said he left enough for someone else to come and fill a bucket.  There are also Oneals in the front field, but we may be trimming those bushes back this afternoon, so if you want them you need to come now!

New Hanover in the back field is done.  The deer shared the blossoms so the crop back there wasn't as large as in the front field and the customers loved the larger fruit (because of the loss of blossoms).  The back half of the front field is also New Hanover.  It is still in production.  We are getting on towards the end of overall production at Farmer Mac's but the New Hanover variety still has a fair amount of green berries in it. I would be a good idea to get them soon before they get gone.  That being said, we will have enough blueberries to be open next week.

When it comes to blueberries, I eat my weight in them during the harvest.  Then I hardly touch them until the next season.  I do fill my freezer with blueberries so I can make jam and other winter treats, but I usually make these to give or sell to others, not to eat myself.  I think there's no better blueberry than the one you pick right off the bush and put into your mouth.  Easy to see why blueberries are my favorite fruit!

Have a wonderful day here or wherever your day takes you.

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