Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cooler weather, rainy day at Farmer Mac's

We had a nice cool, overcast morning today on the farm. Several customers took advantage of the good crop to move past 75 pounds for the year. Miss Donna accomplished this yesterday. But right behind her was Mrs. Williams and Joe this morning jumping into the lead again. What a race we have going!  The lady that just left is not too far behind. She is somewhere between 60 and 65 pounds for the year giving us 5 customers in the 50 pounder club so far.

About 5 minutes ago the bottom fell out and the rains have been coming down. I got an inkling of what was to come because our roof tarps are a dead giveaway for sounding the alarm. No sooner had I gotten the buckets, scale and bags off of the selling floor than it started coming down in earnest.

We are glad for the rain. It has been so dry for the past several years during the harvest season. Some rain in the off season keeps us out of drought status most years, but during June it has been unseasonably dry for several years.

Dry harvest is usually good for production because a wet season breeds mold and fungus and reduces the quality of the fruit. That being said, drought is never good, so a little rain now is very welcome.

Don't be surprised if tomorrow's fruit tastes washed out. That's what happens when blueberries suck up rain. They taste watery until the berry can convert the water into biomass. That usually takes from some number of hours to a day to accomplish.

Looks like I may be a lone ranger on the blueberry front for a bit. I hope you are safe and dry and are considering filling your blueberry needs soon.

We will definitely be open through the weekend. How long the season lasts after that will be determined by customer traffic and weather.


1:10 pm update:  rain gone, blue skies with a few white clouds and cool temperatures. What a nice day now!

And Joe said he left plenty of Oneals in the back corner for whoever wants to pick them.


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