Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blueberry birds have arrived at the pond

The not so young new ducks now have a safety enclosure at the pond. Grandma and her young helpers made a shelter and a food stand for them. They are still using the swimming pool for their baths but they will migrate to the pond soon.

The turkeys, geese, ducks, and chicks that arrived last Saturday are now at the blueberry building. Grandma and her minions made a small enclosure in the sheep pasture right behind the blueberry building for them. This includes new sod and all!

We do still have chickens that lay blue eggs but these new ones are traditional, not exotic.

Mrs. Sheep is doing fine. She still has a limp that recurs periodically to plague her but she is adjusting well to her pasture companions.

The horses have been relegated to their home down Berry Patch Road.  They are visible on drive by but are not actually on the farm yet this season.

Farm kids are here ready to help show you how to pick berries and to demo the animals.  At least this is true when they are not in school. And what is his craziness about Saturday school?

All this in addition to blueberries make our farm he most kid/family friendly upick farm around.  Feel free to bring yours out and share the fun in a remarkably peaceful area of the Carolina Coast.

Berries are ripe but are not plentiful because the plants are small but growing. When New Hanover
Variety kicks in there will be more. They have a good crop on them.

And I have to smile about is. After yesterday's post where I said a lady complained about the price, every customer after that either paid extra or said keep the change!  And you for your support!  We appreciate your votes of confidence with your thoughts, your voices, and your wallets!

Hope to see you and yours soon.

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