Friday, May 30, 2014

Morning Crew at Farmer Mac's

Good morning!

When I refer to morning crew, I'm not talking about workers, but customers!  We usually get families throughout the day, but the early morning is too difficult for moms or grandparents with young children.  This time is typically taken up by folks looking to fill a freezer with blueberries.  I call this group my 50 pound club because most want to preserve 50 or more pounds of blueberries for use throughout the year.  They always come in the early morning.

We get other types of morning customers too.  Some who are busy and want to get this checked off their list so they can move on to the rest of the day.  Some who want the chance to be outside but can't handle the heat later on.  Many customers fall into this category.  Almost all of them like the fact that we are off the highway so they can get away from the road noise and car pollution.

One of our customers said that they know the best kept blueberry secret in Hampstead.  She was speaking about Farmer Mac's of course.  She said that she loves to pick blueberries here because you get right away from the road noise, the distractions and the worries.  She picked blueberries at other farms while we were closed but they were too dusty and noisy and she immediately came back when we opened this year.  Coming to our farm lets her get away from it all for a time and then she gets to bring blueberries home.  A real winning situation if you ask me!

Actually, we have had many customers use blueberry picking as an excuse to get some quiet time outdoors.  We have had customers who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses who come out to get their daily exercise and to have time to think or to think about other things.  Some we see multiple times a week during the entire season.  We love these customers and feel a real connection to them.  We also love the couples who come to pick berries year after year.  Sometimes one or the other of them will not be healthy enough to actually go out into the field so that one will stay at the blueberry building and talk with us while the other goes out.  We also have some that show up every year to beat out Farmer Mac in the age category.  I haven't seen Mr. Hollerman yet this year, but I hope he is still in this category!  I hope Mr. Byrnes is also doing well.  I'm sad to say that Mrs. Shepard passed away this winter.

What I have been describing here are our morning crew of customers.  Typically (but not always), older folks know that it's easier on them to be outside in the early morning, before the summer heat makes life more difficult.

Hoping for a good weekend to be outside!

You don't have to be older to enjoy blueberries or picking them!  Bring your kids or grandchildren out and explore what nature has to offer while getting some of the best tasting blueberries on earth!


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