Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mulberry Pizza at Farmer Mac's Berries?

Ok, so I get home from work yesterday and the kids are all hanging out in the mulberry tree.  There's only one, it's at the far end of the pasture beside the gate at the barn.

The mulberries are early this year as is nearly everything else in the agricultural world in this part of the state.

Many of the frost-damaged blueberries are turning blue too, but they (as southerners say it) aren't fittin' to eat so we'll have to go through and pull them off so the rest of the fruit can ripen appropriately.

At any rate, they decided on Dominos for supper so I went to get cheeze pizza which is the only kind of pizza if you're a kid in this family.  When I brought it to Grandma's house, they all rushed in, grabbed a slice and ran right back out the back door.

I went out later to see what was what and Maali said she was eating mulberries for supper.  I told her mulberries weren't enough for supper, they were just a snack, but she corrected me on that.  She, Wyatt and Hollie were having mulberry pizza and all agreed it was delicious!

So here's there recipe, it's quite easy....
1 slice of cheeze pizza
1 kid in a tree tossing down mulberries to try to land in the mouth of a grounder (kid on the ground)
2nd kid to catch or find the mulberries that don't make the target
Any kid to put the errant mulberries on their slice of pizza and chomp it down

Chef's note:  kids can be of any age

Bet you wish you were having this much fun!

We are getting the farm spruced up, the blueberry building cleaned out, and the fields manicured for the start of the blueberry season.

We anticipate starting about a week early this year but will know more as the month of May progresses. I'll make periodic (more frequent than usual) updates as we know more and as the weather makes information available.

The Farmer Mac's Management and Crew have made the decision to get back to our core values. What this means is that we have officially decided to not be open on Sundays so we, our families, our animals, and the farm can take the day of rest that we have been given to recharge our batteries and energize ourselves for the workdays to come.

Farmer Mac is doing good and should be around this season. Take a minute to stop and talk with him when you come out. We're doing what we can to reduce his workload and to make his job as easy as possible without taking it away completely.

We also have eggs available for purchase or for subscription. Let us know if you're interested!

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  1. Can't wait to get out there and pick those sweet, delicious berries!