Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blueberries at Farmer Mac's....Still Green!

Although it has been warm for weeks, the nights have still been cool.  Our blueberries aren't ripening as fast as some of the other farms in the area seem to be.

It could be because of the frost damage we got that reduced our first picking across the field or just a pocket of cool weather at night around here.

Either way, the berries aren't blueing up as quickly as we would have thought.

We should be open next weekend (probably Saturday May 19) as the beginning of our season berries start turning.

Again, this is still an estimate at this time, we'll update as we see changes in the field.

And we've done a fine job of feeding the deer in the back field this year...again.  The left corner of the back field had really nice berries that they thanked us graciously for eating.

Thanks for being a valued customer and friend!


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