Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy 2012! Eggs and jam only thing going on here right now.

The winter is upon us. We've already taken care of fall planting and have reached the slow down season on the farm.

Even the chickens aren't laying as many eggs as they do in the summer....however! We have more chickens laying eggs now so even though fewer eggs per chicken, with more of them, we have excess supply.

If you're interested in weekly subscription to farm fresh eggs, we have a system in place at the farm to take care of your egg needs.

Eggs are $3 per dozen and we have about 5 dozen a week that we are looking for homes for, so if you want to sign up for a dozen or two per week and have reasonable access to Farmer Mac's Berries in Hampstead, we'd love to hear from you.

We also have jam available on an as needed basis. We don't have a selling location this winter, but we're trying to get into the NC Azalea Festival in April and the farmers markets will be opening back up in a couple of months as well.

Call grandma, otherwise known as Millie or Mildred, at 910.270.4611 and ask about eggs or jam. She can hook you right up.

And for those of you who know about our transition years, I'm glad to see that they may be winding down. From this year forward we are excited about the prospect of having continuing years of increasing yield. This is a departure from the recent past where we have faced declining yields in our blueberry fields due to weather related issues and crop rejuvenation.

The Farmer Mac family is doing well. Farmer Mac has been suffering with winter-related ailments that cause his joints to flare up but all in all, not complaining. The new babies in the family are growing by leaps and bounds. My niece is walking now and my newest is rolling over but not yet crawling around. They are a joy to have around. The older kids in the family are doing a great job helping out with the younger ones when they are not schooling or playing, that is.

Our school age kids are absolutely amazing. They sell blueberries, jam, and eggs at school to their teachers. They will be well versed in business processes by the time they are of employable age.


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