Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We've Done the Best We Can, But We Have Few Berries Left!

We are officially closed for the 2011 season for fresh blueberries and on farm sales.
We were hoping to be open for a nice weekend to end out our season. Do you hear a but in that sentence?

It is with a significant amount of sadness that I say that the weather has officially done us in. The 3 days we gave the fields to reblue and rejuvenate just haven't do the trick. :(

We've been irrigating nearly around the clock since last Saturday and the water is only enough to keep the plants alive. It is not enough to do anything for the blueberries themselves. Any of you who have actually stopped by this week can attest to the number of branches on otherwise healthy plants that are wilting and turning brown.

Luckily enough we were intent upon replanting a good portion of the full grown plants that we have in the fields because if this keeps up, we'd have had to do it anyway.

I just hope the young plants can hold out for the rain that must be coming this way sometime soon. They are the future of Farmer Mac's Berries and we hope to start harvesting them next season.

So...for those of you who know the drill, we have that period between being officially open and officially closed. We take the open signs down but don't put up the closed sign yet.

That's where we are right now. In that in-between stage. We do have blueberries in the field that you can come and pick. We'll be around (and so should these berries) for the next week or so doing clean up and field work. If you don't mind walking alot and picking a little, feel free to come out and get a few pounds of what we have left.

When the blueberries are all gone, I'll put the closed sign out and post to the blog that we're officially closed.

Thank you for being loyal customers, great friends, and good neighbors. We enjoy sharing our family with yours and we love to hear your stories. If we don't see you again this year, have a great rest of the summer and look for us again in May 2012!


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