Thursday, June 3, 2010

Great Picking at Farmer Mac's right now!

This week and next will be the best time to pick blueberries on our farm this year. We have lots of berries ready for you to come and put in your buckets and baskets!

We're having a very good year this year. We started about a week earlier than last year so we may not make it all the way to June 25th this year, but we'll have to see what this weather does.

Rain, rain, rain. We've had a very misty season this year so far. At least some rain nearly every day. That is very good for the blueberry plants but not so great for trying to get the fruit harvested since it keeps people at home and blueberries on the bushes.

We have another new addition on the farm. One of our mama goats gave birth yesterday to a baby girl. Both are doing fine. Be sure to take a peek in the nursery pen when you come out. Aren't kids just the cutest things around? Watching the babies jump all around and play is the fun of having goats in my opinion!

Quote of the week: My husband said not to come and pick any more blueberries because they get gone too fast. (See me scratching my head on this one!)

And don't forget the NC Blueberry Festival in Burgaw. It is on Saturday June 19 this year.

Hope to see you soon!

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