Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lots of Blue Blueberries at Farmer Mac's Berries!

Now is a great time to pick blueberries. There are lots of blue berries all over the field and buckets ready and waiting to be harvested.

Don't forget containers to bring you blueberries home in (we have picking buckets) and your sunscreen. And if you judge by this past week, an umbrella!

We have 2 new farm members arrive this week. Sarge and Lacey are a pair of female geese that were given to us by a nice u-pick customer. When he got them, they were supposed to be a male/female pair but as happens lots of time with animals, they were not billed correctly (pun not intended).

Our new chicks are now about 6 weeks old and are no longer yellow but they are still cute and the kids love catching one for you to hold.

Our twin goat kids are about a month old and are dancing all around. We have at least one more on the way and judging from the way the mother goat looks, she'll probably give birth during the blueberry season. Likely sooner rather than later so stay update for birth announcements.

And on the customer front, we've had folks on the farm from as far away as Ashe County in North Carolina. Nationwide visitors include folks from New Mexico, Colorado, and Maine. To my knowledge, we've only had one international visitor so far and she is from Norway. I'm very glad to see that we're known around the world for our delicious blueberries!

Hope to see you soon. Call us if you have questions or need more information.

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