Sunday, June 14, 2015

Blueberries Look Good, Weather Hot and Humid

We've been doing a good job of keeping the right balance of customers and blueberries with the crop that we have this year.

Our plants are small because they are young, but they have a nice crop of fruit on them.  Of course, the easiest blueberries to pick are the ones on the outside rim of the bushes and those have mostly been harvested.

We have plenty of berries in the inside and underneath the leaves of the  bushes that are just waiting for you to come and harvest them.

The challenge is that it is quite hot and humid now that we're into mid-June.  For this reason, it's better to come out in the mornings or late afternoon, but leave the early afternoon sun for inside activities.  In numerical terms, before noon and after 4 pm are better for harvesting fruit than the hot part of the day.

We are open daily, except Sundays for u-pick.

Pre-picked blueberries are only done on a phone order basis to see what is available.  We are losing our entire picking crew (Melissa and Maali) on Thursday, so mom will likely not have pre-picked blueberries available after we leave.

Have a wonderful, safe, and blueberry-filled summer!