Saturday, June 28, 2014

Thanks for a great 2014 season!

Blueberries at Farmer Mac's are completely gone.  We have trimmed back the fields, cleaned up the clippings and fed the plants.  We hope the rains come and that the plants grow two feet between now and the fall so we have healthy, strong plants for growing blueberries next season.

It was really great seeing returning customers and new faces.  One of the things that makes me smile is that the very first customer and the very last customer were the very same lady...Ms. Becky.  We appreciate your business and your friendship!  Shawn loved the fact that you created a 9 pound club!

For those of you who knew we were experimenting to see if the pine straw worked better than the landscape fabric under mulch, we have the results.  Landscape fabric and mulch won hands down in the weed control department.

I've been weeding and cleaning the field getting it ready for the long hot summer.  The rows with landscape fabric are so much easier to manage!  From now on, as we are reestablishing rows across all areas, we will definitely start with weed-free hills and fabric them.  Not cheap in up front cost, but highly effective in the long run in reduced hours of weed control.

Thanks for your support and your patronage.  We hope you love your blueberries and that you will continue to tell your neighbors, friends and families that we're the best little blueberry farm in the area.  Have a wonderful year, stay safe and we hope to see you around town or in the beginning of the next year's season.



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