Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ready for 2014 Season!

We are working hard to get the farm in shape for opening to u-pick next week.  I picked across part of the back field yesterday and we have some pre-picked available today.

Remember that our plants are still not full-grown because that takes 7 years.  This means that the bushes are closer to waist height than shoulder height and there aren't as many branches, so there aren't as many berries.

That being said, we do have a nice crop on our New Hanover variety.  Those aren't ready yet.

The Oneals are like Oneals.  Finicky to grow and the plants don't look like much but the berries are the tastiest around.  They are ready to harvest.

I know we've had a rocky road with this rejuvenation transition, but it looks like we will begin to have an upswing in volume from now on out.

We look forward to seeing you back or to meeting you for the first time.


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