Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another Harvest Completed at Farmer Mac's

We never officially opened this year, but we are now officially closed.
Mom has been bugging me to post this ever since the tropical depression brought us 8 inches of rain last week and I'm just getting around to it.

Between young plants, frost damage, and an aboundance of rain this season, we had virtually no blueberries to harvest.

That being said, the biggest problem, young plants, is a self correcting issue that should be much less of a factor next year! 

We hope that you will continue to be a loyal customer if you've been with us for a while or that you will give us a try next year if it's your first time.

Our farm is people friendly.  I know that can't be said of all farmers because many of them choose to farm to avoid dealing with the public.  That's not the case with us!  We are friendly to the young and the old and all ages in between.

I've started this thing this year that I'm calling Blueberry Farmers in Training (B. FIT for short).  I asked our farm kids to come up with the design for a kid shirt that would work well with this program.

They came up with several designs that I'll put on the blog for you to look at.  Hopefully we can decide on one and get shirts made for next year. 

We were going to do it this year, but with less than no revenue, it didn't make sense to spend money we didn't earn yet.  That's one of the values I'm trying to teach my have to earn it before you spend it.  Hard concept when there's the whole but you can just use your ATM card argument.

We've been saving up money to go on a national parks camping trip out west.  All of the farm (grand)kids will be participating with the exception of my youngest two nieces.  I can't tell you the excitement level to both get out of school and to get started on this grand adventure.  They all have roles in the program:  mapping out the route, figuring out the supply list, figuring out how much gas will cost, where we will stay, what we will eat, how long it will take to get from here to there and back, what games to take, and on and on.  If you see any of our Berry Patch Road kids this fall or next summer, ask them about it.  I know they will have lots to share.

Take care, have a wonderful summer, and I'll post more when we get back if I don't get another post in before we leave.


  1. when is it going to be ready for picking?

  2. Is the farm for sale? Or is it another house on the road?

  3. It is a lot at the highway that is for sale.