Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day from Farmer Mac's Berries

Blueberry picking is an activity that can be done with dads! Actually, we have low turnout on Father's Day but we do always have customers show up to pick blueberries on this special day.

The thunderstorms from Wilmington and west made a brief appearance yesterday in the form of a light rainfall for about 10 minutes. We've got some residual water on the leaves, but the fields look good.

Also, it's cooler this morning which bodes well for a nice day all the way around.

Yesterday we had 3 new ducklings born so we corralled them up and put them in a holding pen. Of course, we caught the babies but not the mom as we were hoping she would just come to where here babies were. Not! What actually happened was that the babies crawled right through the chicken wire that was supposed to be small enough to contain them! So we rounded them up again and were more successful the second time.

I ran down to Dollar General and bought a swimming pool for them and we got them all set up with an igloo to live in. This mom is not so sure about these modern conveniences as other duck mothers have been. She has remained adamant that if she has to be imprisoned she will not cave to our wishes for her. I hope she changes her mind sometime today.

The funny part is that she can fly right out and if she did then her babies would follow. Guess she hasn't figured that part out yet and now by the time she does, the babies will be too big to fit through the fence holes.

Our berm wall around our tree is nearly complete. The fellas were working on getting the fill dirt under the tree roots and down on the far side of the tree yesterday afternoon. I hope after all this work and engineering and expense that the tree makes it through the next hurricane!

Well, Happy Father's Day to all of you dads out there! You're special and I hope you take this day to celebrate your contributions to the lives of your loved ones.


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