Monday, January 4, 2010

Rain and More Rain, but at least we're not paying for irrigation!

Well the holidays are over and we've got all the new plants settled in for the winter. In November, we bought a greenhouse and we've been trying ever since to get it built and the panels in place. We have been plagued with rain and more rain! Is this happening to you?

I remember earlier in the year saying we were having the wettest period on record. I can say with absolute certainty that this must be true though I don't have the data to prove it. Our pond only overflowed twice in 2009, but it's been at max capacity for most of the fall and into this early part of winter. It's so muddy that I'm scared the garbage truck will suspend our service for fear of getting stuck trying to turn around! Oh horrors!

Actually I have to laugh about this. I finally broke down and started paying for trash service. With Shawn stationed in Virginia and with all the other work going on, I just don't have the time or inclination to haul trash to the transfer station. Now that I have this service, I can't imagine what I was thinking in trying to save a few dollars earlier on. So goes the life of a farmer, always pinching pennies and saving nickels to make ends meet.

So what do you do to cut costs? I decided that I would no longer eat dinner out when Shawn's away so that I could pay my sister to occasionally help me with the housework. Then I decided that I didn't need to eat fast food to and from work every time I go in to the office. So now I only eat breakfast and lunch at the drive-through twice a week and I save the extra money to cover the trash service. The only question is what day of the week to either skip food or pack a bag.

And yes, this sounds a bit extreme, but it's all just rationalization in my mind to justify the extra cost. I mean, it's not like I'll starve to death if I don't have McDonalds.

Speaking of McDonalds, I think it's quite a joke that people blame them for obesity. I've been eating fast food for 20 years for a good portion of the workday meals in my life and I have to say that though I'd like to lose a pound or 5, I'm not anywhere near obese. So what could I sue them for???? hmmm...not getting fat on greasy hamburgers?

On the healthy foods subject, I got a book for Christmas on how to make edible fruit/veggie arrangements. It looks really neat and I can't wait for someone to get sick so I can try it out. Oooh, that might not be the right sentiment. Maybe I can't wait for someone to have a baby so I can try it out or a graduation or what? When would you make something like this for someone?

Thanks for reading! I hope we have a happy 2010 together...
So long for now,

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