Sunday, June 14, 2009

NC Blueberry Festival this coming Saturday

Again, before I get started with this post, I need to give you the blueberry field update as of Monday evening (June 15).

We are pretty well picked out. We have green berries that need a few days to ripen, so we're trying to encourage folks to wait a few days and come out on Thursday or Friday when they've had a chance to turn blue again.

This time of the season is ideal for folks who want to come out to spend an hour or so with their kids or grandkids picking a few berries and looking at the animals or to get those last few pounds in the freezer for the winter. So if you want to do this, feel free to stop by but don't expect to pick more than a few pounds of berries.

Saturday June 20 is the NC Blueberry Festival in Burgaw, NC

This is a fun event with a family style atmosphere and a blueberry flair.

There are blueberry desserts, jam, jelly, and other blueberry delectables; arts and crafts; food vendors; childrens activities; entertainment; all set on an old-time courthouse square that has been the focal point of movies and is a reminisce of eras past and that has shade trees older than the republic.

Don't miss the trolley rides!

Another cool thing that my kids and I like to do is to park out at the government complex where the Health Department and the Agriculture buildings are and ride the trolley. Sometimes when we get hot and tired, we ride the trolley around and around just to get a break from the crowds and for the experience. The trolley is free though of course tips are appreciated for the drivers. The Trolley goes around the Courthouse Square and down to the Train Depot and then around to the parking area at the government complex. Last year, the antique vendors were at the train depot and I assume they will be there this year as well.

Another experience some folks get excited about is helicopter rides. They have moved around the location of the helicopter landing site, so you'll have to get a map and find it. Last time I checked, it was at the school and there was a mamoth Marine helicopter (I don't know the correct terminology, but one of those really big, terrorist intimidating monsters that you wouldn't want appearing over the top of the treeline pointed at you.) out there with this little tiny 2 person helicopter that gives rides over Burgaw for a fee. I have to confess that the puddle jumper looked like a toy compared to the fighting machine, but they keep a constant stream of riders throughout the day.

For more information on other specifics about the festival and the activities, go to their website at and see what you can find.

Afternoon rain showers

Expect lots of traffic throughout the day. Also expect that there will be a brief rain shower in the afternoon because it's that time of year. Find a place to wait it out because most of the crowd will leave and then the courthouse square will be yours for the taking. These showers usually only last 5 - 15 minutes or just long enough to outlast many of the tourists.

Bring sunscreen, a sunny attitude, and prepare to have some fun!

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  1. Sounds very delicious. I do love blueberries. Do you grow blackcurrants? I simply adore them, it will take a few more weeks for them to ripen, but yum, yum, yum!!