Sunday, May 24, 2009

Exciting Happenings at Farmer Mac's Blueberries Today

Today, in addition to selling blueberries to drive-up customers, we had several exciting events happen. One of our ducks was setting on the island of our pond. All of a sudden, she came off the nest and into the pond squawking up a storm. The menfolk, of course, had to go and take a look, so they got into the boat and went across to see what was amiss.

After they got onto the island, they came across what was likely a chicken snake in the duck nest. By the time they got the correct equipment to deal with the snake, it had already eaten lots of eggs. That's when we discovered that the eggs that were left were in the process of hatching out. The fellers took the remaining eggs off the island and gave them to grandma to coddle.

Then in the midst of duck hatchings, the young female goat decided to give birth to her first offspring, a female who is just as cute as their twin aunt and uncle that were born in February.

During all this birthing, we had several blueberry customers who happened along at just the right time to see babies or babies in process. Then after all the excitement died down, Walt and Maria arrived. They are long time friends and blueberry aficionados that always stop in to stretch their legs on their long trek from northern Virginia to the beach. Then of course, they visit and pick berries lots of times while here. We're always excited to see them and their kids and grandkids arrive.

In the end, we have 9 new ducklings and a new kid to add to our farm menagerie. All in all, a great day on the farm. What with u-pick opening up this week, we're having a wonderful beginning to what we hope will be a good season! Welcome out to share the fun, comaraderie, and good times!

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